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The Ultimate Dream in Technical Education


Indian Institutes of Technology, IITs in short, are the premier institutions of learning in the field of Engineering/Technology and Pure Sciences. Students from these IITs can do extremely well in their professional careers.


As per available information, with effect from 2013, admission to the IITs is now a 3-stage process.


Stage 1: Qualify in JEE (Mains) Top 150,000 are eligible for JEE (Advanced).


Stage 2: JEE (Advanced) and


Stage 3: Within top 20 percentile of their respective boards


JEE Mains and JEE Advanced are extremely competitive examinations. About 5 lakh students compete for about 9000 seats. In addition to IITs, JEE will also help students seek admission to other institutions like IISc, IISERs etc.


The Challenge of IIT-JEE: Every Question is New


IIT-JEE presents daunting challenges even to the best of students. It is because IIT-JEE requires conceptual understanding of core sciences and mathematics. For this, students need clarity of mind, mastery of subject matter and problem solving ability under pressure conditions.






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